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How did it all begin?
It started 12 years ago with my great liking of book illustration. I enjoyed turning a writer's word into a visual image. I illustrated books, drew comics and dreamed to become a movie production desinger. Become a movie production designer. But - alas!- not unlike the best screen version, the best illustration also has always had are essential drawback - which isolates a viewer screen plane, from taking part in the action. And only computer games have always given us the chance to become not only a spectator, but an active participant, be able to fight and win or be defeated and die - the lastest is the matter of your personal luck.

So what's then?

I started my career as a texturer of 3D environment, then turned my attention to modelling, then also to sketching. Thereby I obtained my experience from choosing references/drawing sketchs to attaching textures to the model.

What kind of games is the most favorite?

I'm not a fan of a specific genre, on the contrary, I prefer broadening my mind with new approaches in gamedev.

Do I have interest apart from games?

Naturally. I'm my free-time I indulge myself with sewing, cooking, studying English/Japanese.

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